Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions Our booking and contract conditions Please note, dear guests, that your holiday at our Landhof Sedlmair is also subject to the binding terms and conditions listed below from the time of booking confirmation. If you want to avoid possible costs and want to be on the safe side, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. Rights and obligations of guest and host A booked stay constitutes a contract after confirmation of the booking by the host, which must be fulfilled by both parties. The guest accommodation contract is considered binding as soon as the holiday apartment has been ordered or promised or - if a promise is no longer possible due to time constraints - has been made available. 2. the conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obligates both contracting parties to the fulfilment of the contract, independently of the contract duration. 3. if the holiday flat is not provided, the host is obliged to pay damages to the guest. 4. in case of non-use of the contractual services, the guest is obliged to pay the agreed price, less the saved expenses. The damage incurred by us and to be compensated by the guest is calculated at 90% of the travel price. In case of new occupancy a fee of only 10% will be charged. 5) In order to avoid cancellations, the host is obliged in good faith to allocate holiday flats not used by the guest to another guest if possible. 6. until the holiday flat is otherwise allocated, the guest is obliged to pay the amount calculated according to number 4 for the duration of the contract. The damage is charged to the guest and is to be settled within 8 days. 7. the guest is obliged to report any damage to the host immediately upon moving into the apartment. Damages caused by the guest, which have not been reported and are only recognized during the final cleaning, will be charged to the guest and are to be paid within 8 days. 8. in case of heavy soiling we reserve the right to charge the costs for cleaning according to expenditure, but at least 40,00 €.